Admission 2021 Islamabad (F-8 & H-11)

Assalāmu `alaikum,

We congratulate the successful candidates of Junior Montessori, H-11 Campus on their selection for Admissions 2021-22 to AlHuda International School.

H-11 List of Selected Candidates

🔹Parents/guardians of accepted candidates are requested to check their emails for further details.
🔹Please note that timely fee submission will ensure a candidate’s seat in class. Failure to do so, will result in allocating that seat to another child.
We would love to enrol each child whose family shows interest in the school, however, due to limited seats we are unable to accommodate everyone. At AIS, we administer a thorough and fair process to shortlist a pool of families for admission. We are trying our best to accommodate more and more students each year. Our committed team is working diligently to open new campuses in various cities.
May Allah (SWT) continue to give us the means and opportunities to serve communities all across the nation, Ameen.
For the second consecutive year, AIS conducted the admission process and interviews exclusively online due to the pandemic. Your support and patience during these challenging times are highly appreciated.
We value your trust in AIS and look forward to your cooperation as we embark on this journey of educating the next generation.

 JazākAllāhu khairan,
Admissions Team 
29th April 2021

H-11 Campus: Junior Montessori admissions have now been closed as required number of applications have been received, however a waitlist for Grade 7 Girls will be maintained.
F-8 Campus: Unfortunately, no Admissions are open. However, a waitlist for Grade 8 IGCSE Boys and Girls will be maintained.
Note: Prospective parents, who wish to enroll their children in Grade 9 &10 in F-8 Campus are requested to directly contact the Admissions Department at 051- 4866124 Ext 217, 4438772, Mon – Fri, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm or email at [email protected].
JazakAllahu Khairan for your support. We are grateful to Allah (SWT) for the continuance of blessings bestowed upon AIS. May He continue to guide and grant us the means to expand our vision with prosperity and humbleness. Ameen.
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Grade & Ages

The following table indicates the general ages (at the time of commencement of classes i.e August 2021) of students grade-wise. However, please note that your child will be placed in a grade that suits his/her age and academic ability and hence your child may or may not fall in the age range specified below.

Montessori Section
Grade Age
Junior Montessori 2 years 8 months – 3 years 4 months
Senior Montessori 3 years 8 months – 4 years 4 months
Advance Montessori 4 years 8 months – 5 years 4 months
Primary Section
Grade Age
Grade I 5 years 6 months – 6 years
Grade II 6 years 6 months – 7 years
Grade III 7 years 6 months – 8 years
Grade IV 8 years 6 months – 9 years
Secondary Section
Grade Age
Grade V 9 years 6 months – 10 years
Grade VI 10 years 6 months – 11 years
Grade VII 11 years 6 months – 12 years
Grade VIII 12 years 6 months – 13 years
Grade IX 13 years 6 months – 14 years
Grade X 14 years 6 months – 15 years
A-Levels 15 Years 6 Months – 16 Years




- Visit at 9:00 am on the ‘Admissions Opening Day’ for your respective campus.

- Click on your city, then click the ‘APPLY’ button to fill the online ‘Admission Application Form’.

- After submission, you will receive the acknowledgment slip along with the ‘Reference Number’ through email and SMS.




- After verification of ages by the school, eligible candidates will receive a link to the online ‘Registration Form’.

- Online submission of the Registration form along with the required attachments must be done within 4 working days of receiving the form.

- After submission, you will receive the PDF copy of your Registration Form via email.

- Print this filled form for submission at the time of assessment.




- After verification of the Registration form, qualifying candidates will be informed (through email/SMS) about the child’s Assessment scheduled at the respective campus.

- Bring the printed copy of filled Registration form along with all required documents* at the time of Assessment.

- Registration Fee of Rs 1500 will be required to be submitted for each candidate.

*Admission process can be put on hold due to missing documents.




- For Montessori Section, Interviews will be conducted same day as Assessment.

- For Primary & Secondary Section, only shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview.

- Both parents are required to appear for the interview at the respective campus.




- Admission Results will be announced on the website and displayed at campus reception as per the given timeline for each campus.

- The school’s decision will be considered final.




- Fee voucher for the selected students will be shared through email on the day of result announcement.

- Submission of Fee is mandatory before the deadline in order to secure admission.

For admission queries, please call at the relevant branch, Mon – Fri, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Or contact the Admission department at [email protected] | +923000500754 | +92514866124 Ext 217 | +92514438772

Our Campus locations & contact numbers can be found here.