AIEx 2019 ON TRACK! Health, Sports & Spirit

A Sneak Peek to What’s Coming

The most enthusiastic and hustling part of the year at AIS is here. It’s time to cook the most awesome event AIEx 2019 (AlHuda Islamic Exhibition). All the elements for this year’s theme are in the process of bringing forth the most fruitful occasion for both our students and staff.

This year’s exhibition is about health, sports and spirit. Our students are busy making projects with their parents at home and our staff is busy in hosting all kind of related practices and sharing information to the students. The Sunnah food and sports recommended by the Prophet (S.A.W) are the highlights of these preparations. Have a look and be amused to see the out-of-the-box adventures that our students are experiencing.

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It was a pleasure to visit AlHuda International School. I am impressed with confidence imparted to the young students of all ages. Also the fact that all information shared has the base of message from Qur’an and Sunnah, combined with new discoveries of Allah’s creation. Such knowledge develops a complete personality and it is the best way to develop a searching thirst for knowledge.

Dr. Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan

It’s a pleasure to see that children are well taught, well-groomed and are provided an excellent blend of Deen and the modern education. The confidence of the children, excellent art work and very thoughtful selection of topics, presentations and staff effort, everything is impressive!! May each one of these students be a role model of their time, Ameen.

Yasmin Khakwani

This was one of the most attractive exhibition I have seen. The work done by children was amazing. Great efforts. May Allah (S.W.T) grow each and every drop of sincere efforts and make all the Muslim Ummah shine with the beauty of Islam through AIS.

May Allah reward the best to all of you.

Faisal Mahmood, Pearson County Head

Such a great system AlHuda International School has. It is wonderful being here and I am honoured to learn a lot from AlHuda’s brilliant students. Thanks a lot for inviting me. Regards.


Faisal Javed, Senator of Pakistan

It was great pleasure to visit AIEx exhibition here. Concepts, thoughts, theories and presentations were really very inspirational and motivating. May Allah bless you all. Efforts are worth-appreciating.



Every room of the exhibition was decorated with best theme. Every student was confident in explaining. Every staff member was cooperative, thanks a lot for putting your share in making next generation a good Muslim. Stay Blessed.

Zia-ul-Islam, Isb

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