AIS H-11 Progress Report (April 2018)

  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. Work on structure is 100% in March and now entire focus is on finalizing finishing works. The Multipurpose Hall is a prime focus since the area had been off limits for work due to scaffolding work which has now been largely removed after doing plaster, masonry and related works in the area.

    Work on installation of porcelain tiles, electrical rooms, HVAC, plumbing, gas piping, doors, windows, skylights is well underway on all floors and all the requisite material have been procured or manufactured, as the case might be. Lights have been installed on two floors and paint work has commenced on Ground floor. Non-skid tile work in wash rooms is well underway and would be final within current month. Granite for stairs has also been delivered to site and work on it would commence within current week.

    Another key finishing item being pursued at this stage is the Decorative grill for which a reputed manufacturer in Qatar has been approached who has provided a design for the same. The grills would give a very unique outlook to the finished building and would reflect a mix of modern as well as traditional Islamic architecture. Close coordination is being done with Vendor to ensure that best quality product is available at the earliest.

    Keeping in view the CDA requirements, a well thought out fire safety component is being worked on. This includes illuminated exit signs, dedicated fire exits, fire alarms with central zoning control panel, fire hose reel cabinets, fire cylinders, and dedicated water supply with fire pumps and 2hr fire rated steel doors. As required by Project specifications, Sch 40 firefighting pipes would be used. The fire pumps have arrived on Site and would be installed in pump room within current month.

    The overhead water tank is Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) of about 40,000 liter capacity and a well reputed vendor in Lahore has been approached for its manufacturing and installation. A formal P.O has been issued to him in this regard. The delivery is expected in 8 weeks and Vendor is being pursued to expedite the delivery.

    Work in off-sets has been initiated after necessary details were approved by Dir AIS. Electrical room has been constructed and septic tank (50,000 L) and boundary wall are well underway and would be finalized within current month.

    Standard wooden doors and windows are also being prepared in parallel and would be installed at tail end of the Project when other activities, such as paint work have finalized. 2 hr steel fire door with viewing glass (tampered) would be used.

    External brick cladding work is also well underway and is expected to be final by 3rd week of May 2018.

    Since water from available bore is not fit for drinking, a state-of-the-art filtration plant (with 500 L tank) would be installed on Site (to be located on top of existing UGWT).

  3. Deviations
  4. Filtration plant not included in initial scope of work. To be included after formal approval from Management.

  5. Activities Planned for May 2018
  6. Water proofing & installation at roof top

    HVAC equipment installation at Roof top and MPH

    Boundary wall finalize ( ongoing)

    Septic tank finalize ( on going)

    Electrical room finalize ( on going)

    Lift installation, testing & commissioning ( final phase)

    Plumbing fixtures in toilets etc

    Filtration plant installation ( subject to Management approval)

    OHWT GRP Tank installation ( subject to arrival)

    Granite on stairs

    Tough pavers and land scaping

    Paint work ( on going)

    False ceiling

    Doors and windows ( on going)

    Flooring works ( on going)

    Pumps ( sump , booster , fire ,water transfer)

    Fire services ( FHRC , Fire alarm , signage etc)