AIS H-11 Progress Report (August 2017)

  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. Excavation works for the AIS Project was started on August 18 , 2016 and now, around a year later, another key milestone was achieved and Third Floor slab was cast on August 28 ( before Eid-Ul-Azha). In parallel work is speedily underway on Ground Floor masonry work which is nearing completion and plaster work would be resumed after Eid Holidays.

    Additionally, various finishing items, specifically tiles and paint options are being explored so they would be finalized well in time. Regarding electrical works, best quality fixtures are being sought which would not only be aesthetically appealing but would also be economical in electricity consumption. Linking up such energy saving fixtures to the solar panels (which have a capacity of 5 KW) would result in a larger area of the building being covered by the solar panels than has been initially proposed by Architect. Necessary documentation is also being prepared for onward submission through proper procedure to Consultant who would prepare the “Design Book”. The Design Book would be submitted to IESCO for initiating process of acquiring transformer and connection to WAPDA grid. Similarly, SNGPL is being pursued by Contractor for Sui gas connection.

    As far as HVAC works a concerned, a vendor of good repute, MIA Corporation, have been hired after following a thorough process and P.O has already been issued to them. As mentioned in previous reports, the conventional HVAC system was replaced by the more energy efficient VRV system which not only freed up a lot of space on roof and reduced the ducting requirement within the building but would also result in long term saving in energy costs of the building.

    Finally, the process for selection of a vendor for installing a 630 kg capacity (8 people) lift inside the building has been initiated and vendors of good repute have been approached in this regard.

  3. Deviations
  4. Work on basement masonry had to be put on hold as it became flooded due to heavy rains. While the water has been substantially drained, the mud that entered along with water needs to be given time to dry up sufficiently before it can be removed.

    Also, in original drawings concrete blocks were primarily proposed by architect for walls .Bricks have been used instead due to their consistency in quality, their strength, aesthetics and reliability when grooves are cast into complete masonry work for electrical boxes, plumbing fixtures and conduits etc.

    Finally, window sizes ( around voids) were revised after consultation with Client and ventilators provided along corridors where deemed necessary for improved cross ventilation of perimeter rooms.

  5. Activities Planned for September 2017
  6. Masonry works of Basement ( continue)

    Masonry work of GF ( Continue)

    Masonry work of FF (Initiate)

    Form work removal of Third floor slab

    Steel fixing , shuttering , concrete work – Third Floor columns