AIS H-11 Progress Report (February 2018)

  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. Work is well underway on structure and roof slab ( final part) was cast on 19th February , 2018. The main support girders were cast by 26th February so now the structure of building has been 100% cast which is a major milestone achieved. The form work would of main hall would commence removal from 3rd week of march and arch work would be executed in an overlapping manner to minimize time required to finish the relevant items in the area.

    Work on installation of porcelain tiles , electrical rooms , HVAC , plumbing , gas piping , doors , windows, skylights is well underway on all floors and all the requisite material have been procured or manufactured , as the case might be. The lift has arrived on Site in early February and work on it’s installation is to begin in first week of March. The HVAC works are 50% done and the major component ( in main hall area) would commence from 1st week of April.

    Another key finishing item being pursued at this stage is the Decorative grill for which a reputed manufacturer in Qatar has been approached who has provided a design for the same. The grills would give a very unique outlook to the finished building and would reflect a mix of modern as well as traditional Islamic architecture.

    Keeping in view the CDA requirements, a well thought out fire safety component is being worked on. This includes illuminated exit signs , dedicated fire exits, fire alarms with central zoning control panel , fire hose reel cabinets, fire cylinders , dedicated water supply with fire pumps and 2hr fire rated steel doors.

    The overhead water tank is Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) of about 40,000 liter capacity and a well reputed vendor in Lahore has been approached for it’s manufacturing and installation.

    To ensure that maximum space is available on the off-set areas , the electrical room and generator have been shifted to the front ( closer to main WAPDA power supply). This has freed up a lot of space on the South side which can be more efficiently used for outdoor activities. Also , a septic tank for 50,000 liter capacity has been proposed and approved. This would ensure that the existing sewage system of CDA , which is in very poor condition, isn’t over stressed . The offset areas will be landscaped so they are put to best possible use in the limited space that is available to us.

  3. Deviations
  4. Skylight is being detailed in a manner that’s different from that provided by Architect. The aim is to simplify the details without compromising the basic function of the sky light. 12 mm thick glass, tampered and ½ hr fire rated is to be used in sky lights which would be divided into frames with rubber gaskets to ensure better grip, water proofing and prevention of damage in earthquake. Also, a 50,000 liter septic tank for 1200 persons is planned which was not provided for in initial design.

  5. Activities Planned for March 2018
  6. Structural

    Removal of scaffolding – initiate in 3rd week of march


    GRP Grills installation

    Off-set area development

    False ceiling

    Fire fighting installation

    Lift installation