AIS H-11 Progress Report (July 2017)

  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. Work is well underway on masonry of GF after removal of form work and scaffolding. A sample room is being prepared for being shown to AIS Management and Staff. In addition to that, work is being carried out on Second Floor (SF) slab form work and steel fixing. Steel fixing is underway and SF slab would be cast in 1-2 days, IA. As soon as concrete for SF slab is cast, work would commence on lay out, steel fixing and subsequent pouring of SF Columns. In parallel, work is being carried out on the stair cases as well so as to ensure quick access to each slab as its cast for ease of masonry works etc. Masonry work is being carried out on GF. Bricks have already been tested from a reputed lab and approved after satisfactory results being achieved regarding strength and water absorption.

    To provide additional stability against earth quakes etc., 9" x 9" RCC Stiffener columns have been provided at all levels where unsupported wall length exceeds 20'-0". Also, masonry has been anchored at three points at each end to the concrete works to provide an additional grip / anchorage between masonry and RCC works.

    In parallel, samples for tiles , wooden doors , electrical switch boards , light fixtures, paints etc. are also being acquired along with relevant brochures , company profiles etc. for Management approval to be used in sample room.

    Regarding HVAC works, detailed proposal has been put up to management along with comparative statement, company profiles etc. for further processing.

    Work is being carried out in close coordination with Client so as to ensure that the building is constructed in a manner which is not only as per Drawings & Specifications but also economical , aesthetic and functional as a school . A lot of emphasis is to maximize the utilization of natural light and ventilation without compromising the needs for privacy, comfort and segregation.

  3. Deviations
  4. Work on basement masonry had to be put on hold as it became flooded due to heavy rains . While the water has been substantially drained, the mud that entered along with water needs to be given time to dry up sufficiently before it can be removed.

    Also, in original drawings concrete blocks were primarily proposed by architect for walls .Bricks have been used instead due to their consistency in quality, their strength, aesthetics and reliability when grooves are cast into complete masonry work for electrical boxes, plumbing fixtures and conduits etc.

  5. Activities Planned for August 2017
  6. Masonry works of Basement ( continue)

    Masonry work of GF ( Continue)

    Second Floor Columns ( Steel fixing)

    Second Floor Columns ( Concrete )