AIS H-11 Progress Report (June 2017)

  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. Alhamdulliah, a very significant milestone has been achieved and First Floor Slab is 100% complete. The scaffolding of basement has been removed and work is well under way in the basement on Masonry work. Initially, block work had been proposed by Architect, however, brick masonry has been opted for due to their better durability and quality. In this regard, several samples were brought and tested from CWO laboratory; bricks having high compressive strength and low water absorption were finally selected.

    Work on FF columns steel fixing has been initiated and 100% FF columns are planned for being cast in current month (July). The work on removal of FF slab column shuttering would be initiated within a couple of days and after that brick masonry work for GF would be initiated , IA.

    As discussed in Project meeting, key sanitary items were identified and finally approved by AIS Management for which Donors are to be approached and details of same to be uploaded on AIS website. Cement is another key item for which various donors are being approached; the brands recommended for structural works are FECTO and BESTWAY whereas DEEWAN is being contemplated for “Mortar” and “PCC” works.

    Regarding HVAC works, detailed proposal has been put up to management along with comparative statement, company profiles etc. for further processing.

    In parallel, detailed working is being carried out on the electrical services, with major focus being on maximizing the effectiveness of the solar panels so as to rely minimum on WAPDA and generator back up. In addition, energy efficient LEDs are to be used in class rooms instead of standard tube lights to ensure a more energy efficient building.

  3. Deviations
  4. Some modifications have been made to windows as well as detailing around voids to ensure a secure building and class room environment. Ventilators have been incorporated where required and in some locations, sizes of windows have been revised for safety purpose. Grills are also being introduced wherever required.

  5. Activities Planned for July 2017
  6. Masonry works of Basement ( continue)

    Masonry work of GF

    Second Floor slab ( partial )