AIS H-11 Progress Report (November 2017)

AIS H-11 Progress Report (November 2017)
  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. A major portion of structural work is complete and work is well underway from basement to 2nd floor level on masonry, plaster and electrification works. The 3rd floor would be cleared in December and masonry works initiated there.

    Work is well underway on the main hall area which consists of two hanging slabs which are suspended from the roof through a system of beam-column frame. This is a very critical portion of the structure and therefore a lot of detailed consultation is being done step-by-step with the Architect to ensure that work is executed in a properly coordinated manner and as per Structural and Architectural design. Certain aspects of it, such as the welding of structural steel are practices that are not common in Pakistan and this need to be handled very delicately. Widecon invited a Structural Engineer to Site who assessed scaffolding works and found them reasonably secure.

    The P.O for Lift Job has already been given and the Vendor, M/s Sigma Elevator has initiated procurement process after visiting Site and taking necessary measurements etc. Detailed Civil Drawings have also been provided by Vendor. Similarly, the procurement of pumps has been initiated by M/s KSB Pumps and that of HVAC equipment by M/s MIA. Overall, these would take 3-4 months to arrive on Site, by when we will be well under way nearing completion, IA.

    Regarding electricity and Sui gas connections, Widecon is following up on both. Design Book for Transformer (630 KVA) installation has been submitted to WAPDA. The application for Sui gas connection has been forwarded to SNGPL head office, Lahore. GI Gas piping has arrived on Site and work on installation of piping would commence within a couple of days. For safety concerns, maximum gas piping would be exposed and routed along false ceilings and shafts; only lengths along corridor walls would be concealed. Also, the space heaters (SH) would be located 4’0” about FFL in all rooms. In class rooms, the SH would be situated so that they are far from the door and located behind the students.

    Whereas finishing works are concerned, Porcelain tiles have been finalized after a thorough review by Management and go-ahead has been given by Dir AIS to initiate procurement of the same. Paint color has also been finalized. Widecon is being vigorously perused to provide samples of other major flooring finish items as well as that of double glazed windows and doors ( Standard and 2h fire rated) . Specialized Sports flooring is being considered by Management for main hall area and well reputed vendors being consulted with in this regard.

    In low current applications, experienced individuals are being consulted by AIS Management to ensure that the most state-of-the-art facilities are available whereas networking facilities are concerned. This would ensure optimal performance of internet and related services (such as CCTV) that would be available at AIS.

    To ensure best utilization of floor space, floor plans of every level are shared with Management prior to works being initiated there so that the location of various services etc may be reviewed and adjusted in a timely manner to be made available to Widecon. Locations of power sockets, space heaters (SH) are finalized on the basis of seating arrangement and usage in room to room basis for max degree of comfort and utility.

  3. Deviations
  4. For sake of simplicity, the flooring details proposed by Architect were reviewed and the types of flooring being used have been limited, namely: Porcelain, Anti-static, Non-skid, Marble, Granite & sports flooring. Any such variations are formally reviewed by AIS Management and formally approved prior to being implemented.

  5. Activities Planned for December 2017
  6. Hanging slab – 2nd floor

    Hanging slab – 3rd floor

    Basement : Plaster works ( initate)

    Ground floor : Plaster works ( finalize)

    1st floor : Masonry works , electrification ( continue)

    2nd floor : Masonry works ( continue)

    3rd floor : Scaffolding removal

    Gas piping : All available areas