AIS H-11 Progress Report (October 2017)

AIS H-11 Progress Report (October 2017)
  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. Alhamdulillah, we have achieved another major mile stone and Roof slab (part) has been cast. Once the scaffolding supporting roof slab is removed after necessary curing period, the entire portion from basement to 3rd floor would be available for finishing works and other allied building services.

    Work is already well underway on masonry works in basement, Ground Floor and First Floor. Additionally work has also commenced on HVAC related work items, the vendor for HVACM works, MIA, has deputed technical rep on Site and essential material has also been transported to Site. Procurement has been initiated for necessary items (Ducts, exhaust fans, AHUs etc.) that would be delivered to Site in 16-20 working weeks.

    For lift installation, M/s Sigma Elevators have been issued P.O after due process and are expected to complete the procurement and installation process in 16 weeks’ time period. They have already provided the necessary Civil works drawings for machine room and the same would be followed at the time of machine room construction.

    For provision and installation of pumps (Fire water, booster, sump pumps , water transfer pumps) KSB ltd has been selected by Management and the delivery of pumps is expected in 16-20 weeks by which the Project would be in its final stages.

    Another key innovation on the Project is GRP (Glass reinforced Plastic), Overhead water tank. It has a capacity of 43,000 ltr and to ensure light and time saving construction, GRP has been proposed by Architect. Two vendors have been approached for technical support in this matter and necessary information provided to them in order to acquire feedback on commercial and technical aspects.

    Masonry work is well underway on basement, ground floor and first floor. In addition to this, coordination between Client and Contractor is regularly being carried for finalization of finishing materials. So far, details of paints have been finalized and two samples of porcaline tiles installed in Sample room for final review and selection by Management. Door sample has also been shared by Contractor and would be finalized once the shade card is shared with Management.

    Keeping in view some major fire related incidents that have recently occurred in Islamabad , we are very conscious about ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to ensure minimizing fire hazard as well as having measures in place that would contain the fire ( if it happens, God forbid). The “Fire Strategy Report” has been shared with all the key persons connected to the execution of the Project and the fire hazard aspect is a key component of deciding on which material is to be used as well as the way in which the building and it’s allied services are being constructed.

    Finally, regarding the vital connection of “Sui Gas” and “Electricity”, the concerned departments are being actively pursued through proper channel by engaging the required focal persons.

  3. Deviations
  4. Arch.details are to be modified in areas around water coolers as well as service shafts. Access panels are to be provided to both plumbing as well as HVAC shafts on all floors. AS BUILT drawings are prepared as work continues and the same are submitted along with Interim Payment Certificates / running bills to ensure that the final payments are made as per actual work done. Formal approvals from Client are also acquired beforehand wherever changes are incorporated to ensure flawless documentation and transparency.

  5. Activities Planned for November 2017
  6. Masonry works of Basement ( finalize)

    Masonry work of FF (Continue)

    Plumbing , electrification works ( Second Floor, third floor)

    PCC work ( basement , ground floor)

    Gas piping works ( all levels)

    Scaffolding work, main hall area

    Removal of scaffolding ( roof slab , part)