AIS H-11 Progress Report (September 2017)

  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. Work has been sped up after the rainy season has cleared and the basement as well as surrounding areas have dried up. Currently, three slabs of three floors have been cast and work is well underway on columns that would be supporting the roof.

    In parallel, work is being carried out on the area of main hall / gymnasium. This is a very critical portion of the structure as it consists of two massive hanging slabs (at 2nd and 3rd floor level) which are suspended from the roof through a system of beam-column frame work. It is an innovation in structural design which has enabled the Architect to provide with a hall with a raised slab. The raised slab would not only give a feeling of openness but would also enable sporting events (such as basketball etc.) to be held inside the main hall.

    Work on masonry work and electrification work is also being carried out at Basement as well as Ground Floor level. A sample room was prepared on Ground Floor level and visited by Al-Huda Management and Senior Staff. Regular Site meetings are being held with AIS Management to ensure that Client feedback is incorporated during execution phase to improve the functionality of the building. As a standard practice, samples of material under question are acquired and Management review / comments obtained about the same prior to arriving at a final destination. Tile samples have been provided by AIS Management that are to be used in AIS Project.

    Floor plans of labs as well as offices have been shared with AIS Management so their feedback may be incorporated before locations of water supply, drainage, electrical points and gas out lets etc. are finalized. Similarly, details of various fixtures and vents etc. are discussed in advance with AIS Management prior to their execution on ground to arrive at the best possible usage of the area under consideration.

    In allied services, Mobilization Adv and P.O have been issued to MIA Corporation for HVAC services. MIA Corporation have shared samples of material to be utilized which would be approved from AIS Management prior to MIA Corporation initiating their procurement. The HVAC systems would be installed around January 2018. For the lift, M/s Punjab Elevators have been selected for import, delivery and installation of the 8 person lift in the building and P.O is expected to be issued shortly, the lift would be installed in January or February 2018. Also, for preparation of "Design book" for onward submission to IESCO, M/s Power Consulting have been selected after due process and P.O is expected to be issued to them shortly. For Sui gas connection from SNGPL, Contractor is vigorously pursuing relevant authority and would be updating Client within next few days.

  3. Deviations
  4. Some modifications have been made to windows as well as detailing around voids to ensure a secure building and class room environment. Ventilators have been incorporated where required and in some locations, sizes of windows have been revised for safety purpose. Grills are also being introduced wherever required. Smart boards that were initially planned have been replaced by White boards as per AIS Management requirement. Overhead projectors would be used in combination with white boards. This would ensure that white board would serve dual purpose of writing as well as projecting surface.

  5. Activities Planned for October 2017
  6. Masonry and electrification works of Basement ( continue)

    Masonry and electrification work of GF ( Continue)

    Masonry and electrification work of FF (Initiate)

    Roof Floor slab ( partial )