AIS H-11 Project Progress Report (March 2017)

AIS H-11 Project Progress Report (March 2017)
  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. Work is well underway on Basement level and is nearing completion. 100% of basement level columns and retaining wall is complete. Concrete strength test of several sections of Retaining wall have been received from CWO laboratory and the overall trend has been satisfactory. The warm weather has enabled us to dispense with needs to artificially heat the water in curing drums as well as drying the cubes using artificial means, both of which are undesirable options.

    Due to limited availability of work space, work on U/G water tank has been prioritized so that it may clear up valuable space that it is taking. 80% work on the water tank is complete and it’s expected to be final within 1st week of April 2017.

    In parallel, work is being carried out on the Ground floor slab. In this regard, priority is being given to basement access routes so that it might ease transportation of material to basement. Work is underway at ramps, stair cases (external and internal) as well as the ground floor slabs in the area of ramps and external stair cases. 30% scaffolding for ground floor main slab is in place. The contractor has been advised to expedite work and we aim to complete Ground floor slab in the month of April 2017.

    Also, earth filling back work is being carried out and 80% of the same is done. Due to limited space, mobility is hindered at site. This would be resolved when U/G water tank would be complete, thus clearing up much valuable space.

    For electrical works, AIS Management has acquired the services of an experienced Consultant who would be providing constant feedback and support throughout the Project.

  3. Deviations
  4. VRV System has been tentatively approved by Management and a detailed financial and technical proposal has been submitted by vendor to Management for review and feedback.

  5. Activities Planned for May 2017
  6. Form work for Ground floor slab ( 5,500 psi)

    Steel fixing of ground floor slab

    Concrete work of Ground floor slab