AIS H-11 Project Progress Report (October 2016)

AIS H-11 Project Progress Report (October 2016)
  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. After completion of earth works and placement of 4” thick lean concrete (3000 psi strength), work is well underway on water proofing and cutting, bending and fixing of raft steel. For water proofing, heavy gauge plastic sheet over hot bitumen has been laid out on the lean concrete. Once 1/3rd of the total area was water proofed, work on lay out of raft reinforcement was initiated, as of now 30% of the raft steel fixing work and 35% of water proofing is complete.

    Detailed drawings for raft have been prepared and the quantity of steel in raft worked out to be around 250 ton steel (Grade 60).Detailed as per Site drawings and Bar Bending Schedule has also been prepared to properly document actual work and to provide as supplementary material with the next IPC.

    Activities are being synchronized/over lapped in such a manner that maximum amount of activities can be carried out simultaneously to ensure maximum progress. Concrete work is being carried out in the sump pits and we are using these works as an opportunity to fine tune the mix design for concrete that would be used in the raft. Revised trial mixes for high strength concrete columns (7000 psi strength) are to be tested later this week and we expect the design ratio to be finalized well in time before concrete works for column initiate Also, the necessary plumbing works, such as lay out of drainage pipes, has also been initiated and material in this regard transported to site.

  3. Deviations
  4. There have been no deviations from the agreed upon time line or scope of work in terms of Specifications.

  5. Activities Planned for November 2016
  6. Lay out of Steel in Raft foundation, lift pit, sump pits, isolated footings and retaining walls.

    Raft concrete ( 5500 psi strength)