AIS Rejoices at Eid Gala 2016

The importance of Hajj, commemoration of Ibrahim’s (AS) sacrifice and the festivity of the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah reached its zenith with the wonderfully organized Eid Gala on the second day of Eid ul Adha. The event which was organised at Al-Huda, H-11 Campus, Islamabad by AlHuda International School welcomed both children and elderly to enjoy and participate in a myriad of activities in a single purlieu. The spirit of sacrifice was boldly demonstrated in the form of camel slaughtering, It was an overwhelming sight for the youngsters specially. Then everyone headed for the food stalls where they feasted over sumptuous food including Biryani, Haleem, donuts, pizzas and drinks. A live stage gave children a chance to recite their favourite surahs, ahadith and nasheeds. Indoor games were the centre of attention for kids who enjoyed tailing the camel, balloon shooting and tongue twisters. Outdoor games included jumping castle, pony ride, shooting balloons, and trampoline which were so much fun. The venue glittered with lights, buntings and dangling mirrors adding to the festivity of the occasion. Such events present an important platform to showcase the importance and etiquettes of enjoyment and festivities in Islam. It also rejuvenates the spirit of sacrifice and unconditional submission to Allah (SWT)’s commands by our fore father Ibrahim (AS). May Allah (SWT) accept the efforts of all those who contributed in organizing this event Ameen.