AlHuda Islamic Exhibition (AIEx) – Our World

AlHuda Islamic Exhibition (AIEx) – Our World

AIEx is an annual Islamic Exhibition by AlHuda International School. This year’s theme is “Our World”. We welcome the participation of students from other schools in this unique and exciting event!

We are hosting this year’s exhibition, in order to foster the development of our future youth by providing them with a platform to effectively experience and explore the joys and applications of discovery through active learning while incorporating Islamic teachings. What is not widely known about Islam is that there are deep and long-standing connections between Islamic teachings and environmentalism. With this as our base, AIEx- Our World aims to bring an appreciation and realization into our youth about the study and awareness of our environment. There will also be a variety of competitions by schools in the twin cities that will take place on the days of the event such as Essay Writing Competition, Speech Contest, 2-D and 3-D Art on the Spot Competitions. We will also have a host of hands-on activities varying from t-shirt making and knowledge hunt to creative craft. Furthermore, we will have distinguished speakers joining us throughout the day.

The event is open for public and free of charge!

AIEx – Our World (Trailer)

Program Outline of AIEx – Our World

Program Details

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Competition Date Time
Essay Writing Competition Tuesday, 26th Nov. 10:45 am
2D art Competition Tuesday, 26th Nov. 10:45 am
3D art Competition Tuesday, 26th Nov. 11:15 am
Speech Competition Wednesday, 27th Nov 11:00 am

AIEx – Our World (Trailer)

The Official Results of competitions that took place at AIEx- Our World held on 26th & 27th November 2013 at AlHuda International School are:


Muhammad Ali Cheema 1st AlHuda International School
Zartasha Mariam 1st Fountainhead School
Mariam Wazir 1st Hammaray Bachchay
Aisha Hamid 2nd Noor-ul-Huda
Abrak Fatima 2nd AlHuda International School
Fatima Anwar 3rd ISSC
Ammara Yousuf 3rd Fountainhead School




Sumbal Fatima 1st Noor-ul-Huda
Mahroosh Umair 1st Noor-ul-Huda
Javeria Chughtai 1st ISSC
Malaika Badar 2nd AlHuda International School
Emaan Rastagar 2nd Hammaray Bachchay
Umaima Atta 3rd AlHuda International School
Ahmed Raza 3rd ISSC




Aqsa Nazar 1st Noor-ul-Huda
Aqsa Munir 1st Noor-ul-Huda
Fareesay Najeeb 2nd Fountainhead School
Rabee Basit 2nd Fountainhead School
Fatima Abdullah 3rd ISSC
Namra Tahir 3rd ISSC



Muhammad Abbas Manan 1st Fountainhead School
Maham Baig 2nd AlHuda International School
Mariam Zaheer 3rd AlHuda International School




Taha 1st Mount Hira School
Islam 1st Mount Hira School
Bazil Khan 2nd AlHuda International School
Haisam bin Zia 2nd AlHuda International School
Ahmed Ayaz 2nd AlHuda International School
Essa Zahid 3rd Hammaray Bachchay
Rahim Naeem 3rd Hammaray Bachchay


Electronic and Print Media

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