Annual Sports Week 2017 Contests

Annual Sports Week 2017 Contests

Montessori Section (H-11 Campus)

AIS Annual Sports Week 2017 was a great success and a huge achievement at our Montessori Section (H-11 Campus). On Tuesday 18th October, Senior Montessori took part in Racing, Water Race, Zig Zag race and cycling. While Advance Montessori participated in racing, hurdle race, rally race and shuttle race. All students performed to the best of their ability and made the competition tough. It was a fun day and everyone was super delighted for the little participants. May Allah (S.W.T) continue to shower his blessings on our little stars and give them the strength and courage to achieve great successes in this world and in the hereafter, Ameen.

Primary Section (H-11 Campus)

AIS Annual Sports 2017 came to an end with a number of games played with supreme level of sportsmanship and vitality. Our young and energetic students of Primary Section (H-11 Campus) put their best while performing in the finals on Tuesday 18th October, 2017. They competed their friends in various games including flat race, backpack race, sack race, mat race, spoon race, and skipping.
All in all a wonderful occasion came to the end bringing lots of enjoyment and achievements all around the campus with the understanding that as Muslims we are supposed to have hale and hearty lives with strong bodies, sound minds and best morals.

Montessori & Primary Section (F-8 Campus)

On 23rd & 24th Oct, 2017 both Montessori & Primary Section (F-8 Campus) students were excited to their bits as the final round of the Sports Week 2017 was about to begin. All the four houses (Primary Section) were ready to perform their best in the concluding games. The crowd was sparkling with joy, cheering their class mates and bucking their friends.
The wonderful performances of our students made these final sports event a memorable event for a lifetime.