Banana Shake Activity by Montessori Students

Banana Shake Activity by Montessori Students

F-8 Campus

Our children always enjoy the kitchen corner activity and look forward to it. The activity for this month was making Banana Shake, which was performed by all levels of Montessori.

Our little chefs were excited, anxious and well prepared for the activity. They washed their hands, wore aprons and caps. The teachers introduced them to the ingredients required for banana shake. Then she explained the health aspects of consuming milk and bananas and being grateful to Alah (SWT) for providing us such nourishing food.

The students then peeled the bananas properly, cut them into slices on the chopping board and poured the milk in the jug. As a precautionary measure, the teachers helped them to pour the milk and add all the ingredients in the blender before properly closing the lid. As the teachers operated the machines, they enjoyed mimicking the sound of the blender! The shake was then poured in the glasses and distributed by the teachers. The students loved drinking the shake with their friends and ended the activity on a thank you note to Allah (SWT). They repeated the dua for drinking milk after their teachers.

Our students were eager and enthusiastic to make the shake again for their siblings with the help of their mothers at home.

H-11 Campus

Love Bananas? The most popular and favourite fruit among the children! They love to peel and eat bananas and drink its shake. On Thursday 12th November 2015, AIS Montessori Section (H-11 Campus) teachers and students enjoyed a yummy banana shake activity.

Students learned new vocabulary such as blender, peel and ingredients of banana shake. First, they washed hands. Then, they helped prepare the fruit by peeling and cutting with the knives. They helped measure and pour the ingredients into the blender and blended it all with the lid held on tight. At the end they enjoyed drinking milk shake and served teachers, aya bajis and their fellows.

This way, students learnt and identified a healthy way to enjoy bananas. This activity helped them realize the everyday blessings of Allah (SWT) and the importance of being grateful to Allah (SWT)