Dhul Hijjah

Dhul Hijjah

With the onset of the glorious days of DhulHijjah, we at AIS, all got ready to maximize the rewards of the days that are most beloved to Allah (swt).
The entire school was bubbling with excitement of Dhul Hijjah! From morning assemblies to the end of each day; students learnt all about the importance of the first 10 days. They watched presentations about the sacred journey and especially focused on the things to do for those who didn’t get to go for Hajj this year.
Every student in the campus joined in the proclamation of ‘Takbeerat’ day in and day out with immense passion. It was a beautiful sound to hear every other hour which brought the spirit of Hajj to light, Alhamdulillah
The Montessori foyer was illuminating with ‘concepts of Dhul Hijjah’. The children learned all about where the journey began, with the story of Ibrahim A.S and how Hajj came into existence.
Primary & Secondary Section students focused on the ‘day to day’ of Haj, pasted the Hajj route map on their General Knowledge books which they discussed with their teachers. Moreover, teachers shared their first-hand Hajj experiences with students in the morning assembly.
The library sprang to life by conducting interactive activities including:

  1. Display of Hajj events on the projector.
  2. Explanation of Hajj route through a sketched soft board.
  3. Sketching of Hajj events day by day by students.
  4. Preparation of Hajj kits by the students.
  5. Display of Hajj related books, brochures, flash cards, CDs, cassettes, games & Hajj kit.
  6. Puzzles & word searches – all related to DhulHijjah
  7. Storytelling of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S)

Montessori students pasted cotton balls on sheep- preparing their sacrificial animals for sacrifice this Eid!
The older section’s students will have a grand quiz on DhulHijjah on Friday inshaAllah as well as an Eid card competition.
Parents were taken on board too with pamphlets on DhulHijjah sent home with each child.

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Takbeerat 1.00 MB
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