Dhul Hijjah at AIS

The hijri year of 1437 entered its last month: Dhul HIjjah- one of the four sacred months, bringing with it, the ten most beloved days to Allah. Like the rest of the Muslim Ummah, AlHuda International School also strived to gain the maximum blessings of these days. The school environment was echoing with Takbeerat, Tahlil and Talbiyah throughout, the students were all tuned up for the exciting activities their teachers had planned and the staff strived their utmost to embellish these days with good deeds. The school day would start off with special assemblies starring the performances of our aspiring students in different skits, nasheeds and multimedia presentations. In continuation to that, various Dhul Hijjah activities were planned for within and outside the classrooms. Students were engaged in poetry, story writing, art activities, quizzes and discussions about the Do’s and Don’ts of Dhul Hijjah in their classes. The beautifully illustrated ‘Hajj Corner’ at each of our campuses was an enriching experience to familiarize our students with the important places of Hajj, the Hajj route and the manasik of Hajj. The sense of unity with the entire ummah and specially those performing the Hajj was felt immensely as the teachers explained the journey of Hajj. The libraries were brought to life and the spirit of sacrifice was rejuvenated when the teachers narrated the life of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to the students. The DhulHijjah activities concluded with the festivity of Eid. The teachers put Henna (Mehndi) on their students’ hands and made Eid cards with their students. Alhamdulillah through all these activities and liveliness our students have raced well to amass the best of Aakhirah during the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah.