Honouring the Month of Dhul Hijjah!

With the advent of Eid ul Adha just around the corner, the excitement for this wonderful occasion is increasing. Sacrificial animals are seen everywhere and children are over joyed by the presence of animals around them. This excitement was enhanced in AIS by multiple activities about Dhul Hijjah and Eid carried out by our Montessori & Primary Sections.
To instil the sentiment of sacrifice among our youngsters, two sheep were brought in for all students, they were told about the Sunnah of Ibrahim (A.S) and the obedience of Ismail (A.S). A special picture booth was made where students came in one by one to touch, see, and take pictures with the goats. Everyone enjoyed the presence of these innocent animals on campus.
On the other hand, our Montessori students went through different paper cutting activities related to this sacred month. Our little artists of Junior Montessori prepared greeting cards and finger painted in the cut-outs of sheep. Senior Montessori students made sheep masks and loved mimicking the voice of sheep while wearing their masks. Students of Advance Montessori adored the making of sheep bookmarks which they were excited to put in their reading books afterwards.
A special Hajj corner was designed at all our campuses for rejuvenating the spirit
of Hajj- the fifth pillar of Islam. All Montessori and Primary classes were taken to these Hajj corners for developing an understanding of the Manasik e Hajj.

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