HRCA Winners, Mā shā Allah!

HRCA Winners, Mā shā Allah!

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the ‘Art and Creative Writing Contest’ hosted by @HRCAMegaEvents nationwide!

Our students from the H-11, F-8 and CBR campuses submitted some prize-winning work in the form of beautiful artwork and creative writings on the topic ‘What is life?’.

We are pleased to announce the results:


H-11 Campus

🏆 2nd Position – Laptop Winner:  1 (Grade 6)

🏵️ 10K Cash Prize: 2

🏵️ 5K Cash Prize: 2

🥇 Gold Medal Winners: 8

🥈 Silver Medal Winners: 34

🥉 Bronze Medal Winners: 25

F-8 Campus

🥇 Gold Medal Winners: 1

🥈 Silver Medal Winners: 1

🥉 Bronze Medal Winners: 4

CBR Campus

🥇 Gold Medal Winners: 4

🥈 Silver Medal Winners: 5

BārakAllahu Fīkum our young champions!