Landforms by Montessori

Landforms by Montessori

Landforms by Montessori:

This November, as part of the culture lesson, Senior Montessori students explored different landforms through an interesting activity. They were really excited to learn that Allah (SWT) has created land in different forms i.e. mountains, hills, plains, plateaus, lakes and islands.

Concept of different type of landforms was given to students through an informative video which made clear to them how the various landforms look like and what they actually are. Students really enjoyed the video and asked interesting questions about landforms. Teachers further reinforced the concept through nomenclature cards and model of landforms.

When students finally grasped the concept of landforms, they were ready to make their own model of landform with play dough. Each student painted half side of a paper plate blue representing ocean and the other half green representing flat plains. They then used brown, blue and green play dough for making mountains, plateaus, lakes and islands. Students also labeled their models. They all had real fun while painting and molding the play dough into different forms.

At the end students confidently distinguished the landforms and were super excited to take their brilliant work home. Students enjoyed and learnt a lot through this activity.