Making Our Own Vegetable Salad!

Making Our Own Vegetable Salad!

F-8 Campus

Vegetables are a rich source of insoluble fibre and nutrients which keep our digestive tracts healthy. We, at AIS Montessori, believe in promoting healthy eating habits, which is why we inspire our students to eat healthful vegetables and fruits in their daily routine.

On 27th of April, 2017, our Advance Montessori students were excited for an interactive and fun activity of making their own veggie-salad. Peeling, slicing and chopping the cucumbers, tomatoes and boiled potatoes themselves, they were happy and confident. The sliced vegetables were then seasoned with salt, black pepper and vinegar to be enjoyed by our young chefs.

H-11 Campus

The excitement of our Advance Montessori students (H-11 Campus) was in the air on the day of the fun filled ‘Vegetable Salad Making’ activity. They were all ready, wearing chef caps and aprons, to make their yummy vegetable salad.

Enchanting smiles of the young chefs added colours to the whole activity. Little hands carefully peeled, grated, cut and picked cucumbers, carrots and boiled potatoes. All of the chopped vegetables were then mixed up with nuts and salt in the yogurt & cream mixture under the supervision of the teachers. At the end, they enjoyed the nutritious vegetable salad themselves and also shared it with their teachers.

Through this lively activity, teachers reinforced the sense of gratitude towards Allah (S.W.T) among the students for the food we have, especially the yummy and nutritious vegetables. Students also learnt to follow the Sunnah of doing their work themselves.