Montessori Activity: Fun with Potatoes

Montessori Activity: Fun with Potatoes

Fun with Potato Cubes
(Montessori Section | F-8 Campus)

Who doesn’t like potatoes? They are especially a great favourite of children. As part of the Kitchen Corner activity this month, our little Montessori chefs got excited to get their hands on making potato cubes. They were given a demo by their teachers first in which they learnt how to peel boiled potatoes. Then they cut the potatoes into cubes using plastic knives. The students loved sprinkling salt and pepper over them. They enjoyed eating their own potato salad with their friends.
The students of all levels of Montessori performed this activity and had a fun filled time with their teachers.

Fun with Potato Balls
(Montessori section | H-11 Campus)

Potato balls!!! A wonderful and fun filled Kitchen Corner Activity by sweet little chefs of Montessori!

Potato is a healthy food and is an all-time favourite of children. Children love to have potatoes in all its forms whether baked, cooked or fried. This month, Montessori students experienced making potato balls with boiled potatoes and chopped vegetables such as carrot, capsicum, cabbage rolled inside the potato balls.

This activity was a lot of fun as students themselves peeled the potatoes, mashed them, made small potato balls with the chopped vegetables.

The Activity turned out more interesting when students put their Math skills to use and started counting the potato balls and the veggies. At the end, students were so delighted to share the potato balls to aya bajis, teachers and friends. They took pride in presenting their self-made scrumptious potato balls.

This activity was also helpful in teaching students the importance of healthy food and how it helps our bodies to grow. It also gave us an opportunity to realize that all these foods are blessings of Allah (SWT) and we should always be thankful to Him for all His countless blessings.