Overweight Children

Overweight Children

Overweight Children

Overweight children are likely to grow into overweight adults and are more at risk to acquire diseases like diabetes type 2, heart diseases, hypertension and strokes. It’s important that your child maintains a healthy weight, eats healthy foods and stays physically active.

Healthy Eating

Encourage your child to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Avoid junk and sugary foods, replace fizzy drinks and sugar-added juices with water. Low fat milk and cheese can be given for dairy. Check our articles on healthy eating and food groups for more information.

Child size portions

Avoid giving adult size plates and food portions to your child to prevent over eating. Start with a small portion and give more if the child asks for more. Don’t heap your child’s plate and force him/her to eat everything excessively.

Stay active

Children should be engaged in some form of workout or physical exertion for at least 60 minutes daily. Overweight children do not need more activity than slimmer ones; they will naturally burn more calories with the same amount of activity because of their extra weight.

Less TV Time

Watching a lot of TV or video games will make your child languid and lethargic, and besides other disadvantages, will add to his/her obesity. Limiting the screen time and encouraging healthy activities at home will help your child stay active, alert and physically healthy.