Pakistan Day-2017

Pakistan Day-2017

Pakistan Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal in AlHuda International School at both F-8 and H-11 campuses. This day is the most memorable day in the history of Pakistan as it laid the foundation of separate homeland for Muslims of the sub-continent and also proved a successful zenith of the enduring struggle made by the sub-continent Muslims.

Montessori Section and Grade 1 of H-11 campus presented a patriotic Morning Assembly today in which teachers told the students about two nation theory and renowned leaders specially Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who struggled for the separate homeland. Multimedia presentations on importance of Pakistan Day and videos of Quaid e Azam addressing the nation were also shown to students highlighting to them the value of independence.

Grades 1 and 2 also had their special morning assembly today following grades 3 and 4 which had it yesterday.

Echoes of enchanting slogans “ban kay rahay ga Pakistan, lay kay rahain gay Pakistan”,

“Pakistan ka matlab kya? La Ilaha IllAllah” resounded in the air by students holding flags of Pakistan. The stage was beautifully adorned with green and white balloons and the entire aura helped inculcate in the students the precious feelings of gratitude for the blessing of a separate homeland to freely practice our religion.

Special dua was made for the progress and safety of Pakistan. Documentary videos were shown and students dressed up as famous historical personalities revived the memories of Pakistan Movement in a passionate manner. National song “hum zinda qaum hain…” sung by the students added life to the event followed by National anthem recited by all the teachers and students at the end concluding the event in a memorable way.

Through all these special arrangements of Pakistan Day, teachers made the students realize that this country was made on the name of Islam and is a blessing of Allah (swt) on Muslims so to become a responsible citizen of Pakistan, they first have to become good practicing Muslims and should always thank Allah.

May Allah (SWT) bless our homeland and our little kindling hearts who relived the historical moments and revived the enthusiasm and passion of Pakistan movement. Ameen


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