Parents Tarbiyah Session | 21st May, 2022

Parents Tarbiyah Session | 21st May, 2022

Parents Tarbiyah Session | 21st May, 2022

Reconnecting Children with Deen

Looking for ways to help your child connect with the Qur’an?

Want to inculcate Hadith and Sunnah in your child’s life?

Join us for an insightful session to help tackle modern day parenting challenges and help our children to protect their Iman more vigilantly. The only way to do that is by holding tight to the rope of Allah ﷻ that is the Holy Qur’an and being present in the company of the scholars. Let’s focus on the most important need of the present era; the solid foundations of Deen in the children.

✨ LIVE this Saturday!
Topic: Reconnecting Children with Deen
Speaker: Dr. Tahir Mehmood (PhD in Tafseer & Quranic Sciences – Islamic University, Madinah, Saudi Arabia)
Date: 21st May, 2022
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am
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⚜️ This session is open for all parents to benefit from, InshāAllah!

✨Mandatory for AIS Parents✨

🔹Please Note: ATTENDANCE of AIS parents will directly reflect on the child’s report card.
🔹After listening to the session, parents may mark attendance by clicking on the link sent in the invitation email.
🔹The link will only function after the session ends.
🔹In the case of siblings, each form is to be filled separately.
🔹For further queries, please email: [email protected]

🤲🏼 May Allah (ﷻ) make this session beneficial for all. Ameen!