Parents Tarbiyah Session for 27th Nov ’21

Parents Tarbiyah Session for 27th Nov ’21

‘A Muslim is he from whose hand and tongue the Muslims are safe.’  [Sahih Muslim]

Join our online session as Dr. Hafiz Sajjad Elahi explains how our words, tone of voice and use of language have a profound effect on children around us.

✨ LIVE this Saturday!

Topic: Mind Your Language

Speaker: Dr. Hafiz Sajjad Elahi

Date: 27th November, 2021

Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 noon

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✨Mandatory for AIS Parents✨

🔹Please Note: ATTENDANCE of AIS parents will directly reflect on the child’s report card.

🔹Parents will now mark the attendance through the link that will be sent through the invitation email.

🔹Once you are done listening to the session, you may mark the attendance by clicking on the link given in the email.

🔹The link will only function after the session ends.

🔹In the case of siblings, each form is to be filled separately.

In case of any query, please email: [email protected].

✨May Allah (ﷻ) make this session beneficial for all. Ameen!