AIS H-11 Project Progress Report (February 2017)

AIS H-11 Project Progress Report (February 2017)
  1. Activities Carried Out in till Date
  2. Work is well underway on Basement level and is nearing completion. 100% of basement level columns have been poured where as 95% of the retaining wall structure is complete. Concrete strength test of two sections of Retaining wall have been received from CWO laboratory and both have shown average value in excess of 7,000 psi and the same trend is expected to continue for remaining segments of retaining wall as well as in shear walls and columns.

    Since concrete works are highly crucial, so it’s constantly ensured on Site that the ingredients are as per Specifications. Both the quality and quantity of mix ingredients is constantly monitored on Site. The material that’s of inferior quality is either discarded or recycled in back filling works etc. Crush is constantly washed while concrete works are underway to ensure that it’s clean of any deleterious material before going into the mixer. The form work is inspected during concreting operation and any leakages found are plugged with foam. The usage of vibrator is monitored to prevent excessive usage to minimize honeycombing (a condition in which aggregate in the member becomes visible).

    Curing is regularly carried out several times a day and hazen cloth / gunny sack is wrapped around columns for the first two weeks to ensure the surface remains moist for longer.

    In parallel, back filling of earthwork has also commenced after water proofing of retaining wall and is around 50% complete. Excavation of 300,000 liter U/G water tank has also been carried out and lean concrete work is under way.

    Coordination is also being carried out with vendors of electrical works so that necessary approvals are in place in a timely manner for relevant items.

    Finally, communication is well underway with HVAC Vendor so that he may formally put up a proposal for the consideration of Management (preferably within 1st week of March). We are aiming to finalize the system to be used for HVAC services prior to initiation of ground floor slab formwork. The drawings have proposed a conventional system, where as we are exploring the option of VRV system which is more energy efficient, easier to install and consumes lesser space. The final decision in this regard would be made by AIS Management.

  3. Deviations
  4. The option of VRV System is being considered by AIS Management instead of the conventional system proposed by Architect. A final decision regarding the system to be used and the Vendor is yet to be made and necessary documentation is being prepared by Vendor that has tentatively been identified by Management.