Ramadan – A Cherished Gift for Muslims!

Ramadan – A Cherished Gift for Muslims!

Ramadan – A Cherished Gift for Muslims! 

Assalāmu ‘Alaikum,

We are fortunate to be gifted with yet another Ramadan full of blessings when Allah (SWT) ‘opens the gates of Paradise, closes the gates of Hell and the devils are chained up.’ (According to Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Like last year, Ramadan this year will also be different for Muslims around the world with social distancing, isolations and lockdowns, impacting the usual excitement that is naturally associated with this blessed month. Many were infected with COV-ID and many more lost loved ones.

We must, however, be grateful to Allah (SWT) for giving us a chance to reap the rewards in manifolds throughout this auspicious month. While we pray for healing of the sick, and high ranks in Jannah for those who aren’t amongst us this Ramadan, let’s earnestly concentrate on the purpose of this month and make sincere intentions to improve our lifestyles. Let us set Ramadan goals and let us strive to achieve them. According to a Hadith, ‘we will be rewarded for our intentions to do good deeds, even if we fail to actually do them.’ (Sahih Muslim)

May Allah (SWT) guide us and help us understand our true purpose. May this Ramadan be the turning point in our lives. Ameen.

Atif Iqbal
Director AIS

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