Ramadhan Resolutions


Tackle Bullying

Winning Posters


One of the cornerstones of AIS policies is a commitment to preventing and addressing bullying behaviours at all our campuses, both onsite or online. A cyber safety policy is also in place to minimize any chance of bullying outside the school as well [refer to Parents’ Guidebook pg. 66: http://bit.ly/parentsguidebook]. Bringing awareness and directing our students’ potential towards positivity, Secondary Section (H-11 Campus) organized a poster & video competition. The posters depicting the tireless efforts and research based ideas of our students from Grade V to VIII were displayed in the gymnasium on 19th September, 2019. Grades IX and X came up with innovative videos about bullying as they were involved in videography competition.

May Allah (S.W.T) help us make a kinder and safer world which opens its arms for diversity whilst promoting inclusion, Ameen.

Say NO to Bullying!

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