Science Expo at H-11 Campus

Bringing a remarkable opportunity to discover and explore scientific facts and processes, our Grades V, VI VII were assigned projects related to biology, energy resources and geographical studies. Assisted by their science teachers in planning and preparation of the projects, our students developed models and delivered presentations on their assigned topics in a span of 2 to 3 weeks. Some of the topics were: 1. Grade V: Volcanoes, Atmosphere, Human Ear, Animal Farm and Human Heart. 2. Grade VI: Renewable Energy Resources. 3. Grade VII: Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Formation of Rocks, Electricity, Ecology and Magnetism. Everyone performed a wonderful job in displaying their research work and presented it very well. For their appreciation, a mini expo was arranged, students were awarded scores and their work was admired by fellow students, teachers as well as senior management. The exhibition was held on 28 th Nov 2016 in Girls Section and on 30 th Nov 2016 in Boys section.

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