Speech and Poetry Competition 2016

Speech and Poetry Competition 2016

Primary Section

Language, creativity and the ability to express ourselves with conviction are essential skills that every Muslim should possess. Speech and Poetry Competition was held on 10th February 2016 in the Primary Section at F-8 campus. The contest helped our students polish the skill of being able to influence and motivate positive change amongst the audience. It was also a means of developing confidence, self-esteem, leadership qualities and articulation in our young speakers.

There were several rounds prior to the grand finale. Every student was given the opportunity to participate in one or more competition categories. The semi-finalists were shortlisted according to the selection criteria where each submission was meticulously reviewed for creativity and originality. During an in-house competition, students were further shortlisted based upon their presentation and delivery skills. 144 students made it to the final and left the audience spell bound with a series of poems and speeches that were remarkably original and engagingly delivered.

The English poem and speeches were amazing mashaAllah. The students demonstrated the art of Arabic poetry and speech through the recital of some Arabic speeches and poems in which they had put in great effort. Participants were assessed on their Arabic pronunciation and speech delivery. In the category Urdu; our native language, we witnessed a myriad of wonderful poems and speeches.

Distinguished  guests and judges of the various categories of the contest included Ms. Amal Ameer (Branch head, AMN Kids), Mr. Hamza Ameer (CEO Asia Dispatch), Ms. Mona Kanwal (Manager Linguistic Department, ROOTS Millennium Schools), Ms. Sajida Jamil (Former HOD Islamic Studies, IIUI), Ms. Ayesha Bashir (Ph.D. Scholar, IIUI), Ms. Noreen Talat (poetess), Ms. Sarwat Rafiq (Lecturer, IMCG) and Ms. Shazia Mustafa (teacher, EMS).

The judges appreciated the hard work of the teachers. They were amazed to see the confidence and speech delivery of the young stars while delivering their original work and also appreciated the integration of Islamic values and morals in their poetry and speeches. The program concluded with a dua.

We congratulate the winners and pray that they use the skills Allah (swt) has blessed them with in His cause. Ameen

Secondary Section

The Annual Speech and Poetry Competition was held on 3rd February,’16 at AlHuda International School, H-11 Campus. A panel of prestigious judges was invited to grace the occasion. The contest was amazingly conducted in the three different languages taught at school; English, Urdu and Arabic. The main objective of the competition was to enhance the communication and spoken skills of the students in order to do Da’wah in the best possible manner. The students were remarkable in presenting their thoughts confidently and eloquently. The speeches left the audience convinced and the poems deep in thought. The judges were full of praise for the school and the participants for putting up a contest that promoted excellence in thought and speech.

Congratulations to the shining students of Secondary Section (Girls and Boys) for achieving the top positions. May Allah (swt) help them to use their skills in the best possible way. Ameen.