Speech & Poetry Competition 2017

Speech & Poetry Competition 2017

To foster the development of our students in all areas of life, AIS ensures to provide ample opportunities to its students for co-curricular activities throughout the year. These activities become a platform through which they learn the practical application of what they have been taught in the classrooms. Such events also enhance confidence, interpersonal skills and the overall personality. AIS ‘Speech & Poetry Competition’ is one such co-curricular event which is an integral part of the AIS calendar now.

This year’s Speech and Poetry Competition was organized on 6th February (for both Primary & Secondary Section), honoured by our in-house judges and zealous speakers. With every student given the opportunity to participate in one or more competition categories, the semi-finalists were shortlisted based on the creativeness and novelty of the content. Further shortlisting was facilitated by an internal contest, judging the presentation and delivery skills of the participants. In the Urdu category wonderful poems and speeches were witnessed, English poems and speeches were amazing and the recital of Arabic poetry stole the show.

In the final round, the honourable judges appreciated the hard work of the teachers and students. Delighted by the confidence and the impressive recitation skills of the young stars, they specially praised the integration of Islamic values and morals in the literary work. A huge congratulations the winners. We pray that they use the skills Allah (SWT) has blessed them with in His cause, by becoming effective da’ees of Islam, calling people towards the Truth and goodness with Hikmah. Ameen

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