Student Pick Up Card Notice

Student Pick Up Card Notice

Dear ParentsStudent pick up card

Assalamualaikum. To ensure safety and security of our children, we are introducing pick-up cards for all students of Montessori Section. Please carefully read the information provided below:

1. The ‘Pick-Up Card’ is meant to be used by the family members/household help to show to the school authorities at the time of pick-up each day. The card will have the school’s logo, a photograph of the child and other administrative details.

2. The use of the ‘pick-up card’ will ensure that only a designated person by the family is authorized to take the child from the school. The purpose is to prevent confusion or accidents of any kind.

3. Your child will not be allowed to go home with either you or any other authorized person unless you or he/she shows us the ‘pick-up card’. You are requested to strictly follow this procedure and not to pressurize the school staff in this regard.

4. Please keep your child’s pick-up card safely and use it carefully each day. First 2 cards will be issued free of charge but if a card is lost, a duplicate will be issued on payment of Rs. 300.

5. Also note that any change in the mode/time of departure needs to be conveyed clearly to the school reception in writing.

6. This system will be applicable w.e.f. Monday, 10th March 2014, InshaAllah.

We look forward to your cooperation in this regard. Jazakumullahukhairun.


6th March 2014