Welcome to School!

Primary & Secondary Section-15th August,2016

Amidst vibrant and colorful environment of artwork and balloons, teachers welcomed the students of Primary section enthusiastically after their summer vacations. The Branch head was personally receiving the young seekers of knowledge. In the classes, teachers introduced themselves and got a chance to familiarize with the students. They helped ease student jitters about the new school year. A special assembly comprising of nasheeds, interactive presentations, team introduction as well as school rule familiarization was also held. As some of the students were new, the classes were taken on a tour of the school campus.

Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead!

Montessori Section ( for old students)-16th August,2016

Overwhelmingly excited for new classes, new teachers and friends coupled with a little bit of anxiety, our Montessori students arrived to school today after a long summer break. The welcoming Montessori team went all-out to make the students feel safe and in their comfort zone. Smiling faces greeted children by their names, and after welcome hugs guided them to their classrooms. The school which echoed with beautiful nasheeds, was decorated with colourful balloons, adorned with outstanding soft boards and neatly done classrooms, all ready to receive the little aspirers of knowledge.
Later, in a special welcome assembly, teachers performed an interesting role play on the theme ‘back to school’ and engaged students in different poems, which was followed by a tour of the campus.
For days, teachers had been planning special fun filled activities such as painting, storytelling, video presentations, and games in order to make ‘today’ a really special day for Montessori children. They have also prepared wonderful souvenirs for students to take home as mementos of their first day in school (after holidays).

May Allah (swt) make this year a productive one for our young students. Ameen.

Junior Montessori (for new students)-17th August,2016

AIS Junior Montessori mothers dressed up their children in school uniform for the first time today as it was the first day at school for the Junior Montessori students. F-8 and F-11 campuses in Islamabad and the DHA campus in Karachi witnessed young students walking in their gates for the very first time; a bit nervous, some with teary eyes and hearts beating fast – only to be welcomed whole heartedly with open arms, warm smiles and campuses decorated with balloons and much more!

Soon the children were engaged in fun filled activities specially planned for the day such as poems, painting, making models with play dough and colourful slime barrels, playing games and using puppets. The F-8 campus had a gigantic jumping castle as a treat for the little ones. The students went back home happily holding their souvenirs and art activities with pride. We hope that this day was as memorable for the new comers and their parents as it was for us.

JazakAllahukhair for entrusting us to take your child onto this journey of learning with love, and having faith in us to lead his/her academic life.

May Allah(swt) make them beneficial and productive individuals for the society and a sadqai jariya for their parents and teachers.