A-Levels Admission


Admissions have closed now and will now open in Feb/March 2022 in selected grades.

A-Levels is being offered at F-8 Campus, Islamabad.

Grade & Ages

The following table indicates the general ages (at the time of commencement of classes i.e August 2022) of students grade-wise. However, please note that your child will be placed in a grade that suits his/her age and academic ability and hence your child may or may not fall in the age range specified below.

Secondary Section
Grade Age
A-Levels 15 Years 6 Months – 16 Years

For admission queries, please call at the relevant branch, Mon – Fri, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Or contact the Admission department at [email protected] | +923000500754 | +92514866124 Ext 217 | +92514438772

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