Primary Section


An integral part of the daily school life


Loving to read and understand the Book of Allah


Preparing for the future

Primary Section is Alhamdulillah well on its way to attain the vision of the School where students are being trained in a positive environment by passionate and dedicated teachers. Our approach to learning is evolving everyday; modern and innovative techniques are being adopted to educate the students. These techniques optimize self-belief, competence and proficiency.

The Primary Section comprises of grades I – IV; boys and girls are segregated from grade IV and onwards.

Key Features

The AIS Montessori curriculum is based on established Montessori methods and standards, further enriched by AIS professionals to meet the following objectives:


Activity-based learning with modern teaching techniques.

Tarbiyah, in and outside the classroom to make better Muslims.

Teaching Arabic and Tajweed as regular subjects to make understanding of the Holy Qur’an easier.

Offering Zuhr Salah in congregation on campus.

Teaching languages, sciences and concepts with Islamic integration.

Providing classroom environment which is embedded with Islamic principles and teachings.

Following monthly moral themes to incorporate essential Islamic values.

Exclusive opportunities to meet and learn from religious scholars and professionals. Participation and distinctions in national and international competitions.

Our Curriculum

Students are guided to become self-motivated learners, who are strong academically and are able to foster their own ability to think comprehensively and clearly. Our enriching curriculum is streamlined with the Single National Curriculum aimed to align high-quality education while developing 21st  Century skills including analytical, critical and
creative thinking.

Subject details are as follows:

Quran Recitation

Arabic Language




Islamic Studies

Moral Educattion


General Knowledge

General Knowledge

Physical Education

Expressive Arts


Grade Monday - Thursday Friday
I - IV 7:50 am - 2:10 pm 7:50 am - 12:15 pm

Assessment & Grading

The academic progress of the students is systematically monitored by teachers and the Section Head through close observation as well as through the assessment of class work, quizzes, tests, oral assessments, projects and examination. Midyear exams take place in December and end-of-year exams take place in May. The grading and assessment system is one that is made comprehensible for the students and parents to reflect upon the child’s progress and set future targets.