The love of books and reading is thoroughly inculcated among our students since the beginning, which makes the AIS library a second home for them. The library resources include a collection of over 10,000 books, subscribed magazines and various other learning resources. AIS libraries are constantly adding new resources throughout the school year to keep collections dynamic. It offers a broad range of reading material supporting both ‘learning to read’ and ‘reading to learn’ methodologies with informational and imaginative text and literature. Library resources, which cover both Islamic and academic subjects, are available in all the three languages taught in the school: English, Arabic and Urdu. Our library resources are inclusive of the Islamic faith, culture and civilisation. The school ensures that all library resources on Islam are accurate and authentic. AIS library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System to organise its collections. This system is internationally renowned and helps library users narrow their search to help find desired titles without trouble. Furthermore, the library works on an online automated cataloguing system which technically stores all library data including patron information. Users can take advantage of this system to search for their resource.

Walking through the open doors of the library of my school
This is a place where I can read, stuff that is really cool

Over 10,000 books it contains in English, Arabic and Urdu
I can learn whatever I want from ‘The Reading Target’ too

An international system it follows, which helps me look into
The desired book or magazine from the large books’ queue


Faiza Qayyum