Secondary Section


Mastering the language of the Qur'an


A life-long love for learning


goes hand in hand with every aspect of learning at AIS

Secondary Section at AIS is offered with a number of distinctive features. Alongside academic excellence and life skills, we also focus on the spiritual development of the students. AIS offers Cambridge based qualification to its students and strives to inspire the right attitude and skills. The Secondary Section currently comprises of grades V – X; with segregation of boys and girls sections.

Key Features

By providing an ideal Islamic environment and through the integration of Islamic teachings with the curriculum, we help our students develop a strong bond with Allah. All our efforts are focused towards making our students responsible Muslims who can play leading role in the progress of the world motivated by Islamic teachings and guidance. Through the lessons on Seerah of Prophet and the history of Sahabah, they get a chance to admire the golden era of Muslims and internalize the efforts needed to bring such changes in our society, even today.

Our Curriculum

We ensure that our students are given activity based learning which enhances their level of creativity, confidence and understanding.

Quran Recitation

Arabic Language




Islamic Studies


Computer Science

General Knowledge

Expressive Arts

Physical Education

Qur'an Translation


Grade Monday - Thursday Friday
V - X 7:50 am - 2:45 pm 7:50 am - 12:15 pm

Assessment & Grading

The academic progress of the students is systematically monitored by teachers and the Section Head through close observation as well as through ongoing assessment of class work, quizzes, tests, oral assessments, projects and examination. Midyear exams take place in December and the end-of-year exams take place in May- June respectively. The grading and assessment system is one that is made comprehensible for the students and parents to reflect upon their progress and set future targets. The final report of student’s performance comprises of consolidated result, compiled throughout the year.