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A treasure stored in young hearts


Young custodians of the Qur'an

AlHuda International School provides an exclusive Hifz Program for students who have a passion for memorizing the Holy Qur’an. The Hifz program is offered at a minimum age of 9 years and maximum age of 11 years, with segregated sections for boys and girls.

We provide a friendly learning environment in the Hifz program. Without the use of ‘stick’ or corporal punishment, we deal with students with kindness to help them meet and exceed given targets.

Hafiz Sajid Coordinator, Hifz Program

Key Features

Following are the key features of our Hifz Program:

  • Students take time out from their academic study to entirely focus on this incredible venture.
  • The program is targeted for completion within 2 years.
  • Dedicated Qaris provide best support for the Hifz students.
  • One to one attention and guidance to each student is ensured by the low student to teacher ratio of 10:1.
  • Supplementary classes are offered to the Hifz students to keep them in touch with essential areas of development including sports and communication development workshops.
  • Various supplications are memorized.
  • Intensive Tarbiyah sessions help the students develop good character, manners and ethics.
  • A ceremony is conducted to mark the completion of Hifz.
  • Huffaz are awarded certificates in the annual Hifz convocation ceremony.
  • The school provides extra support to the Huffaz in resuming their academic studies upon the completion of Hifz.


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