Tarbiyah Program

AIS Tarbiyah Program

The word Tarbiyah comes from root of the word ‘Rab’. Rab is someone who nurtures, helps grow and mature. Correspondingly ‘Tarbiyah’ refers to a continuous process of spiritual growth and development.We, at AIS, not only strive to foster our children to become good Muslims and beneficial human beings rather we also support parents to provide the ideal Islamic upbringing for their children. AIS Tarbiyah department is one such collaboration which aims at imparting sound religious knowledge to the parents of our students. Parental Tarbiyah sessions are conducted each month on various topics of Islamic parenting which are shared here for the benefit of all.

Exclusive Courses for AIS Mothers

The objective of these courses is to impart authentic Islamic education to AIS mothers, in order to help them raise righteous children and to bring about a positive change in every home.

Skills Training for Struggling Kids

An exclusive course for Mothers offered both online and on-site(Islamabad). Dr Kanwal Kaisser will take you on a journey of empowerment where you will be equipped with the skills to help promote your child’s behavioural, emotional, academic & social development.

Productive Fridays

Fridays are made more productive by offering Fehmul Quran Course along with different informative and grooming sessions for AIS mothers.

Taleem e Deen

AIS offer a great opportunity for mothers to learn and understand Quran four days a week by offering this certificate course.

Parents’ Tarbiyah Sessions

Tarbiyah sessions, arranged on a monthly basis, are a unique and rewarding experience for the parents of AIS students. These sessions include workshops and lectures conducted by experts on a wide range of topics, including Islamic parenting, dealing with problems of today’s children, child psychology etc. Tarbiyah sessions are arranged on Saturdays. In order to play a positive role in your child’s upbringing and as per School’s rule, both mother and father must attend these workshops.

For benefitting from some of those lectures

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Wasaya Umme Hakima By Dr. Kanwal Kaisser

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The Mitthu & Mano Show

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