Student Gains International Recognition for Hifz

Student Gains International Recognition for Hifz

AlHuda International School’s student gains International recognition for Hifz

AIS is thrilled to announce a wonderful achievement of one of our brilliant students, Umamah Hasan, who has won the hearts of all her teachers and fellow students by securing 1st position in the ‘International Qur’an Hifz Competition’ which took place online this year.

‘مسابقة الطفولة الإفتراضية في حفظ القرآن الكريم’  is an organization based in Saudi Arabia which aims to light the hearts of Muslim children around the world by connecting them to the Holy Qur’an. They organized an online competition this year which consisted of 2 categories; Full Hifz Competition & First 10 Para Competition. Over 150 children participated from countries including Saudi Arab, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Morocco, Egypt, Chad, Jordan and Pakistan. Selected students from each country competed in a semifinal round and the qualifying students proceeded to the Final round held on the eve of 11th December 2020 in an exciting online contest.  Our student, Umamah, took part in the ‘10 Para Competition’ in the esteemed contest and qualified for the final round; thereafter, prevailing to the top position, leaving behind contestants from all parts of the world, MashaAllah.

Umamah completed her Hifz-ul-Quran recently during the lockdown through the AIS Hifz Program, is now studying in Grade 6 at the H-11 Campus, Islamabad. We pray to Allah (SWT) to grant Umamah success in this life and in the Hereafter and make her a Sadaqai-e-Jariah for her teachers and parents, Ameen.


Courtesy: مسابقة الطفولة الإفتراضية في حفظ القرآن الكريم