Para 1 Reflections

Para 1 Reflections

Sara Abu Bakar (VI-B)

Inaya Omer (VI-B)

After reading and learning the Tafseer and word to word translation of Para 1, my life has changed.

Now I try to be among the Muttaqeen by adopting their qualities mentioned in Qur’an. Now whenever I commit a sin, I quickly think that it is from the qualities of hypocrites and I immediately do Tawbah. Before understanding the Tafseer, I was scared of death and did not talk about it. But then I learnt that it is the hypocrites who love this world, so now I try my best to do good deeds and I talk about death, grave and the Day of Judgment with my mom.

Whenever my Dua is not accepted, I now understand that Allah is more knowledgeable. He loves me more than seventy mothers so He knows what is good and bad for me. And I will get reward on the Day of Judgment.

I have no difficulty in learning the word to word translation of my lesson because Allah(SWT) has simplified the Qur’an for us, Alhamdulillah. Now, whenever I do anything I first think ‘am I doing anything wrong?’ Because we cannot hide anything from Allah(SWT), He knows what we hide and what we reveal and He knows what is hidden in the heavens and the earth. And whenever I have something to eat even if I do not like it, I eat it gratefully. I try not to be like Bani Israel, who were given Mann o Salwa and even then they wanted vegetables.

Filza Iman  (VI-B)

Para 1 helped clear my doubts.

Previously, I sometimes used to have doubts like ‘were there any Prophets? Is there a Creator? Is Islam the true religion?’, however, after reading a verse from the Qur’an in which Allah(SWT) says that if you have any doubt about what We have revealed then make a chapter like the Qur’an and bring it to Us, my doubt has completely vanished and my faith has become stronger because I can’t make a book like the beautiful Qur’an.

Para 1 Reflections

Fahad Noman (VI-B) 

I have been reading Qur’an from a very young age but never looked into it deeply. In my first Tafseer class I thought it is going to be difficult but it became’ easier step by step. Before I missed salah like Fajr but after knowing its great value I try not to miss it. I could see my own mistakes in the people that Allah has mentioned in the Quran, and because of that I try to mend my ways now. Our teacher also told us about the value of Jannah.

Zayan Asghar (VI-C)


M.Ibrahim (VI-C)

Owais Faruqi (VI-C)

Bani Israel were not patient so I try to be patient with my sisters and my friends. Bani Israel were also not happy with the food they got from heaven and were ungrateful, so now I try to eat my food quietly even when I don’t feel like.

Shaheer Jawwad (VI-C)

I learnt from first Para that we should not hit anyone, call anyone names or abuse anyone. Now I don’t do these 3. This is the change that Qur’an brought in my life.

Muneeb Rifaq (VI-C)

Raja Saif (VI-C)

Noman Siddiqui (VI-C)

I have learnt that we must never waste time. Before I used to waste my time, but now I try to constructively use my time. I learnt that we must never hide the truth as Bani Israel did. I also learnt that we must not reject the commandments of Allah(SWT). Previously I didn’t pray often but now I try to be regular in my prayers.