Para 3 & 4 Reflections

Para 3 & 4 Reflections

by anonymous(VII)

I had always been fascinated about studying the Qur’an deeply. Love for religion has been inculcated in us since childhood through our parents and environment at both home and school. But Para 4 changed me so much that I sacrificed for Allah (SWT) not just my extra things but also few of my favourite dresses and stationery, and started looking for people who needed them.

The first ayah of para 4 “Lan tanaalul birra..” is simply amazing.

Although we are investing in the bank of Allah (SWT), it is important to remember that it is from what we have been blessed by Allah (SWT) Himself But we find that difficult too. Allah (SWT) can give those same blessings to others also, who are deprived of it. But actually it is our test. I feel so much love for Allah (SWT) that He eagerly wants to bless us with rewards, so He gives us opportunities and chances, and promises much greater blessings and rewards, but what about us? We hardly overcome our love of dunya and all its stuff.

The second ayah that inspired me the most from Para 4 is ayah 139 of Surah Ale- Imran in which Allah (SWT) says that “So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.” This ayah was revealed (to prophet (SAW)) when Muslims lost the battle of Uhad. The thing which inspired me is to never lose hope, as it is one of the qualities of a true believer.

We started learning juzz 4 in August 2016 with our tafseer teacher Madam Asifa, and finished it in November 2016. This journey was a wonderful learning experience. It inspired me a lot. I try to implement the good lessons in my daily life which has brought change in my life style a lot Alhamdulillah.

by Maryam Rehman (VII-A)

Alhamdulillah, we have completed our Para 4. Paras 3 and 4 are full of glad tidings to the Muslims, and I was very excited to know that, but then I got to know that these Paras also consisted of verses about punishments, which made me feel really scared. There are many stories in these Paras including story of Dawood(A.S), story of prophet Uzayr(A.S), even the conversations were exciting, such as the conversation between Allah (SWT) and Ibrahim(A.S), conversation between Namrud and  Ibrahim (A.S).

These Paras were full of lessons such as…

  • fear Allah (SWT) not people
  • Allah (SWT) does not like the arrogant and proud
  • taking orphans as your own brothers
  • giving generously
  • giving Sadaqah for the sake of Allah (S.W.T) alone and not for the sake of show-off

May Allah (SWT) help me implement whatever I have learnt.

by Aaiza (VII-A)