Recommended Links

Islamic Children Resources

Kids Land

An authentic website that provides a range of educational and fun filled resources for children including games, stories, rhymes and an e-library

Islamic Learning Resources

Offers a variety of Islamic resource material including free Islamic resources, Muslim home school blogs, Islamic children’s websites, and children’s games


Educational Resources for Children


A great website to teach children to read with phonics.
Ideal for preschool, Montessori and Grade 1

Free Educational Games for Kids

Check out some of these quality educational gaming sites for fun ways to help students keep their skills honed in all the major academic subjects


Islamic Parenting Resources

A Muslim Child is Born

A Muslim Child is Born is a blog with extensive information and guidance on the Islamic way of raising children right from the moment of birth


Resources on Islam


Official website of AlHuda International Welfare Foundation containing audio, video and textual information on Quran, hadeeth, fiqh and related subjects


Information on wide range of topics with powerful search options


Information, Quran recitation, articles and audio lectures


Resources on Quran


Listen to any part of the Quran, as many times you want in the Qari of your choice

Quranic Arabic Corpus

An annotated linguistic resource which shows the Arabic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran. Great for teachers and students of the Quran

Quran Muslim Web

Hear the recitation of the Quran and Memorize it yourself


Quran Flash

Read Quran in an interactive manner

Al Tafsir

Understand the Holy Quran

Tanzil Quran Navigator

Quran recitation and translation


About Tajweed

Learn the Art of recitation of the Holy Quran

Quran Auto Reciter

A free application for Quran recitation lovers


Recommended Schools

Al Huda Elementary School

Al Huda Elementary School, Canada aims to provide an outstanding learning experience in light of the Qur’an and Sunnah