We Love Muhammad (SAW)

Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ

Know l Love l Follow

If we were ever asked ‘Why do we love our parents?’, the list of reasons will never cease and we can go on and on to enumerate the endless sacrifices our parents have made for us. Their efforts can be imagined by the countless nights they have spent awake for us, the never-getting-back moments of worries they bore for us and all the efforts they made to fulfil our needs and even our wishes. Similarly, what if we are also asked ‘Why do we love the Prophet ﷺ?’

An automated response may be ‘Because he ﷺ was the last prophet of Allah ﷻ and loving him ﷺ is part of our Iman.’ But have we ever pondered that our claim for the love of our prophet ﷺ is quite hollow? We may have forced ourselves to think that we love him ﷺ but did we ever think that while our parents gave life to our physical beings, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ came to revitalize our spiritual beings. His way of life is the best example for all mankind. And this is why we love him more than we love our parents. The severity of this fact is that our bodies may wither and die as they age whereas our spirits will live for eternity. Our souls will feel the blessing of knowing the Prophet ﷺ forever and will relish the benefits of his love for infinity.

So in a nutshell, we love him ﷺ for helping us refresh our souls and providing us the keys of eternal bliss.

From the simpler questions of our life;

How to dress? How to walk?

To the more complicated problems of our lives:

The rights of our parents, wives, husbands and children.

Showing empathy towards people and bringing peace to the entire world.

All of these essential queries of our lives find their perfect and satisfying answers from the flawless role model blessed by Allahﷻ for the whole mankind- Muhammad, RasulAllah ﷺ.

Let’s set about to know, love and follow this noble personality together.


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