Allah has created man weak, and due to this weakness we need to continuously cooperate with each other throughout our lives. Muslims need one another in order to thrive both in worldly and religious affairs. Cooperation in Islam teaches us to incorporate a spirit of brotherhood in our dealings with one another, to stand shoulder to shoulder supporting one another, to advise each other, to work as a team and to willingly share our resources and abilities with each other.

Allah says: Help you one another in AlBirr and AtTaqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety); but do not help one another in sin and transgression. And fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Severe in punishment. [Al-Maa’idah 5:2]

Prophet (s.a.w.w) said: The relationship between one believer and another is like a structure, parts of which support other parts,” and he interlaced his fingers. [Muslim]

The sons of Adam cannot live in this world unless they help one another in word and deed.” [Ibn Taymiyah]

In short, our Deen instills in us that we can not flourish unless we cooperate with one another.

Weekly Outline

Week Topic Objectives
1 HELPING ONE ANOTHER a. To identify the ways to help one another achieve al-birr and taqwa.
b. To identify the different ways we can help one another in our daily dealings and routine.
2 SPIRIT OF BROTHERHOOD a. To understand the concept of brotherhood in Islam. One must remember that the Momineen are brothers to one another regardless of their race, culture, country or other differences.
b. To know and memorize the five rights of a Muslim upon another Muslim.
c. To realize that our faith is not complete until we like for our brother what we like for ourselves.
3 TEAMWORK a. To define teamwork with the help of examples.
b. To realize how nature itself works as a team. For instance the solar system, the digestive system, and even small insects such as ants and bees are ‘team players’. c. To relate this to our own life and identify the changes that need to take place.
4 SHARING a. To understand the concept of sharing through sacrifice, love and care.
b. To be able to share material things as well as good thoughts with others.