PTS May ’23

Parents’ Tarbiyah Session May ’23

⚜️ Parents’ Tarbiyah Session ⚜️

📢 Attention Parents! Join us for an insightful ONLINE lecture on the positive use of Artificial Intelligence and nurturing creativity in children! 🌟

We are delighted to invite all parents to a thought-provoking online talk by Mr. Raja Zia ul Haq, where he will explore the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how we can strike a balance to nurture our children’s creativity, In Shā Allāh. Understanding the impact of AI and guiding our children towards its positive utilization is essential for their growth and development in today’s digital age. Together, let’s equip our children with the skills to embrace technology with a positive mindset while nurturing their unique creative abilities.

🌐 LIVE on Facebook this Saturday!

Topic: Parenting in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Speaker: Raja Zia ul Haq (CEO, @Youth Club)

Date: 13th May 2023

Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Fb Live:

📌 To join the lecture, simply click on the provided online platform link at the scheduled date and time.

🔹 This session is open for all parents to benefit from, InshāAllah!

🔸 Mandatory for AIS Parents

🔹 Please Note: ATTENDANCE of AIS parents will directly reflect on the child’s report card.

🔹 After listening to the session, parents may mark their attendance by clicking on the link sent in the invitation email.

🔹 The link will become active after the session.

🔹 In the case of siblings, each form is to be filled out separately.

🔹 For further queries, please get in touch with your campus reception or email: [email protected].

📢 Spread the word and invite fellow parents to join this enlightening session! 🤲🏻 May Allah (ﷻ) make it a beneficial session for all. Ameen!